Circuit components-receiver-radio

It was a while since we were building these type of things. Tricky but fun!

Building the nest!

We are working on building the nest now me and Emma.We have known for half a year we were to make this prototype and now we have three days to build and make technology work. Why don’t we ever learn?

Chickadee birdhouse

Me and Emma are working on a birdhouse for a special type of chickadee; the. As they are endangered in urban spaces, we are making a housing for the them to facilitate their stay in the city. Shaped as a note you can hang the nest almost anywhere and the bird can move in. The sound of the bird is taken up and through a FM receiver you can listen to your local bird in your radio.

Hi! This is my nest. You can hang it where you like and then I can move in. The architecture suits my style, I’m a modern bird!


I stand on the porch in the morning before I leave and sometimes I do qi gong.

It is bigger than you think, you can easily fit two in the one room apartments.

When I sing you can hear me in your radio as my tones are taken up, I am your local bird!

Blanket_book – Final prototype


Poem page

Game page

words picked from the Ugly Duckling that you can make your own sentences with

White page for drawing and writing. Could be looked upon as a card, a note page or………

there are also secret pockets where you can hide things


Oskar came to try out the prototype. here he is trying out the game page

playing with the words,



his signature,

wondering what is on the next page,

finding a secret pocket

realizing how far it goes and what is hidden in there.


Experience prototype 19/1-11

Today we had a mid presentation of the blanket book concept. Except from our class and professors Olav, Carol and Birgit from Karolinska was there to give feed back and input on the project. The concept was appreciated and we had some good discussions about ownership of the artifact and process vs. product.

The discussion around ownership was about complications in what happens after the patient has moved on. Relatives do often argue about belongings and this object could be another  artifact that could be problematic on that point. Also if there are many grandchildren. I think that the most natural is that the blanket belongs to the patient primarily. And as we have mentioned before the construction allows the blanket to be modified and taken apart and this might give the options of sharing the object. But we will definitely revise it further.

The process/product discussion was on whether the artifact is a process you co create and shape and what the product is. The pages we have worked on so far are a balance between creation and created. We would like to keep them dynamic in some of them as eg. the story is a finished piece and some other parts as the ‘velcro words’ and the ’empty note page’ are meant to be co creatively shaped.

We also got feed back on the fact that we are mostly working with words and text and that we could maybe look on other possibilities also.

New prototype

Meeting Tove!

Today I had the opportunity to meet Tove Bylund Grenklo. Tove have been working with the relatives perspective and now especially with teenagers in palliative care in her doctoral thesis. It was very helpful to meet up with her, see what she is doing and to discuss the project. She thought it could be interesting to look upon the function of this book as a combination of amusement or distraction, information and the life story of the patient. this makes alot of sense and she guided me towards some information sites and folders that deals with this complicated matter of explaining a decease like cancer in a good way.