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Hot group workshop at Konstfack

Two designers one nurse and Emma my second advisor was participating in a workshop session last night. The aim for this session was to quality check the synthesized version through a role played experienced prototype. I made this version as a very rough paper prototype for the participators to feel comfortable to co create and criticize freely. They were each given roles of either the two children, their grandmother or their mother, in a visit.

The session was very fruitful and after we discussed the activities and experience in a qualitative way and made some crucial decisions for me to be able to move on in the process.

Outcome: The symbol page, map page, game page and post page was considered the most relevant and suitable for the situation and they have all been refined more on detail level of the experience and in function. On the game page the rules and start/goal was taken away. It is better and funnier to make up your way of playing and your own rules. That also go in line with what the 8 year old girl preferred. On the word and symbol page we decided to merge the shape page together and instead having different versions for this page. More symbols was required. The map page was just a blank outlined shape of the country. I had a couple of ideas but wanted to take the opportunity to co create the activity around it in this role playing session. They spoke about an animal park, where they live, where friends live, where greece is, skiing vacations, where we were born, were grandma lived before.

The format of the object got a bit smaller on height to 80 cm instead of 100cm amd the format is now 80x100cm.


2nd prototype and experience prototyping

Today I made some tests with the real fabric and what filling to use for the pages to feel and function the way we want them to. We had an experience prototyping session with Rolf also. Rolf was the patient and Nina his grandchild. It was good to see how they interacted with each other. On wednesday we are having another presentation where we will show a more refined prototype. We are aiming to finish the content and graphic by tomorrow and to buy all the material to be able to finish the prototype this week.  Hopefully we could have all the pages with paper graphics by then to be able to discuss the book and its function without having imagine to much of what the concept is about.