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Interview with 8 year old girl and testing of a game

I had an interview with an eight year old girl in her room. This setting is very different from having a workshop in a kindergarden or in a school. She showed me her room, toys and we talked about play. Her favorite toy is the pet shop. She showed them to me and how she plays with them. She groups them in families in colour scales. When she plays with a friend they play with the pet shops or craft and draw. We talk about what is important when you play and she says that the most important is that everyone thinks the game is good and that you can be many to play not just two people. She has put a lot of work into a making a post box that she shows me. It has one big slot for big mails and a small on the top for small letters. The post box have now been embedded in the concept.

I brought a very rough prototype of a game idea. There were a lot of input from the children, special pedagog, physiotherapist and teachers I wasn’t able embed in a smart way until this idea came up. We started the  session by drawing our own characters. The game is built up with small tasks and questions aiming to create discussions and an exchange of personal information. E.g one task is to guess how many teeth you have and one is to tie a rosette. After the game we discuss the game and if there is anything she wants to add. She wants to add a task about drawing a self portrait and a question about best friends.