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Workshop part III – 14 primary school children

Why? The aim for this workshop is get primary school children’s input on how they like to play, what they think is important when you play and how you play with someone who is older. The outcome of this workshop will be lists of different games and activities and drawings of how Rut and Karl could play.

The workshop with the primary school children has a slightly different set-up as they are both older and a larger amount of children. 14 children participated in the workshop. We are also limited to one workshop opportunity and I decided to take out the book section and just focus on play and how you can play when someone is in bed.

This session is more focused on writing and less crafty but their first task was to cut out the badge and then fill it in.

We are still dealing with the main subject of play. In three different ways; list of top 10 games, what is important when you play? and how do you play with someone who is 60 years of age?

To suit the amount of children I created some workshop sheets to work around for this first part.

To start the role-play session I read the narrative with Rut and Karl, now slightly changed to fit their games and interest. The children were asked to write and draw their suggestions for how Rut and Karl could play. Some of the children were participating in the role play and some were watching. We ended the session by everyone saying their suggestions and showing their drawings.

What worked?

The workshop set up sheets were suitable for the amount of children. 7 year old children are well able to write and draw by themselves if the have clear directions. The children were very generative and had so many ideas and suggestions which was so cool. They engaged and liked the tasks. The children loved how the narrative was hinting at them and they were listening very carefully.

What didn’t work?

It is impossible to facilitate the workshop with 14 children and document in a satisfying way at the same time. I could have left out the role playing bit also. They understood the narrative very well and it would have been enough to just draw and discuss it I think. The printer didn’t work in the morning which resulted in that I couldn’t hand over the diplomas. This didn’t feel good at all.

What did I learn

Never ever trust technology! A printer simply doesn’t work when you want it to. Always, always, always have a back up in black and white. It always works out. It might not be perfect but in some way it always turns out to be a ok in the end and it is always fun when you work with children!

What I have done so far……..

After a 5 months internship at IDEO  Munich I am now back in Stockholm and working on my thesis.

In my thesis I will explore and focus on waiting/Väntan or to be more precise förväntan/expected waits. I will look into the waits we do in our everyday life the obvious ones and micro ones we don’t even consider. How do we feel about about them and what do we do with that time?  As an experience designer I will digg into this area and find out.



So back in Sweden and its time that I start playing with my thesis. I will do cultural probing shortly to get inspiration and opinions on how people feel about queuing and waiting. Still have no idea what will come out of this topic and it scars me a bit to be honest. At times I find it challenging and that it could come something interesting out of it and sometimes I just find it crazy uninteresting. There are a couple of other ideas that I could work with but then I have more or less an idea of what the outcome could be and I don’t want to play it safe. I was involved in Idas cultural probe last year in Oslo and got some inspiration from that. Read Gerry Gaffney’s text on the topic also and will focus a bit extra on the kit since  “People respond positively to attractive kits, so using good quality materials is worthwhile”. I have handpicked 12 people around me in different situations and age groups to get a good range of the outcome. Their waiting/queuing kit will involve a little book with questions, a camera, a pen, a glue stick, maybe 20 kronor (to see what you could spend them on while waiting and some gum or something like that to show appreciation and give energy to the probe. Maybe I should design a waiting snack actually. Since the one time cameras look shit I have decided to designa new package for them. I am aware though that since I haven’t yet narrowed down and the questions are  not set the optimal way, that I might not get what I expect. But I feel now that the process needs to get going now. I will also do a future forecasting on the subject.

I can’t believe how long it takes me to get going on the probes, it is now beginning of march and I’m still working on the camera lay out. Next week they will be send out.

So now the first probe is finally send out to Mahmoud who is going to Iran for a couple of weeks. I hope to get some new perspectives on how we wait.